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Location: Manresa
(41.7290°N, 1.8266°E)
Time: 14:51:45

Asteroid 2012 DA14 Flyby

On February 15th/16th the asteroid 2012 DA14 will fly past the Earth at a distance of only 34000 km (inside the ring of geostationary satellites). At a maximum magnitude of about 7.4 it will not be visible to the naked eye, but should be visible through binoculars if you know where to look and live in the right part of the world.

You can change the settings below to get the best chart for your location. If the chart shows only the Sun and no stars, then you have selected a central time during the daylight hours. If the track is not visible at all, then the asteroid is not visible from zour location. The best locations are in Asia (India, China) and the further away you are from here, the worse the visibility will be. Observers in North America are out of luck this time.

Central time for sky chart and table

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Dimmest stars are magnitude +5. Click on the chart to zoom in on that part of the sky

Table of positions for your location

TimeDistance (km) BrightnessAltitude Right ascensionDeclinationConstellation
Feb 15, 14:30:00151,14124.0-40.8°4h 33m-85° 59'Octans
Feb 15, 15:00:00139,86424.0-41.8°6h 1m-86° 23'Octans
Feb 15, 15:30:00128,62824.0-43.1°7h 48m-86° 7'Octans
Feb 15, 16:00:00117,44624.0-44.6°9h 16m-84° 59'Octans
Feb 15, 16:30:00106,33524.0-46.3°10h 14m-83° 4'Chamaeleon
Feb 15, 17:00:0095,32324.0-48.1°10h 51m-80° 25'Chamaeleon
Feb 15, 17:30:0084,45724.0-49.9°11h 15m-76° 56'Chamaeleon
Feb 15, 18:00:0073,81524.0-51.3°11h 31m-72° 23'Musca
Feb 15, 18:30:0063,53524.0-51.6°11h 43m-66° 17'Musca
Feb 15, 19:00:0053,86924.0-49.8°11h 52m-57° 55'Centaurus
Feb 15, 19:30:0045,29224.0-44.0°11h 59m-46° 9'Centaurus
Feb 15, 20:00:0038,66223.9-32.4°12h 5m-29° 44'Hydra
Feb 15, 20:30:0035,26423.9-15.0°12h 11m-8° 37'Virgo
Feb 15, 21:00:0036,15623.94.5°12h 17m13° 50'Coma Berenices
Feb 15, 21:30:0041,06823.920.8°12h 23m32° 50'Coma Berenices
Feb 15, 22:00:0048,73424.032.2°12h 30m46° 46'Canes Venatici
Feb 15, 22:30:0057,99824.039.4°12h 37m56° 32'Ursa Major
Feb 15, 23:00:0068,15524.043.9°12h 44m63° 27'Draco
Feb 15, 23:30:0078,82024.046.4°12h 51m68° 31'Draco
Feb 16, 00:00:0089,78524.047.9°12h 59m72° 19'Draco
Feb 16, 00:30:00100,93124.048.5°13h 7m75° 15'Ursa Minor
Feb 16, 01:00:00112,19024.048.7°13h 15m77° 33'Camelopardalis
Feb 16, 01:30:00123,51824.048.6°13h 24m79° 24'Camelopardalis
Feb 16, 02:00:00134,89024.048.4°13h 33m80° 54'Camelopardalis
Feb 16, 02:30:00146,28724.048.0°13h 43m82° 7'Camelopardalis

Flyby data (relative to centre of Earth)
Time of closest approach15/02/2013 20:25:49
Distance of closest approach34,100km
Speed at closest approach7.818km/s
Speed at infinity6.143km/s