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This table shows the brightest currently observable asteroids. Click on the name of the asteroid to get more details, including finder charts.

1 Ceres 8.1-40.9°Libra
4 Vesta 8.123.2°Cetus
15 Eunomia 8.9-44.7°Aquarius
18 Melpomene 9.3-57.4°Scutum
2 Pallas 9.68.2°Boötes
39 Laetitia 9.9-41.6°Aquarius
16 Psyche 10.0-53.2°Aquarius
3 Juno 10.356.7°Cancer
29 Amphitrite 10.63.6°Pisces
532 Herculina 10.734.6°Leo
11 Parthenope 10.7-26.7°Libra
51 Nemausa 10.8-51.0°Aquila
8 Flora 10.8-23.2°Libra
9 Metis 10.98.1°Pisces
75 Eurydike 10.9-66.6°Capricornus

Never attempt to observe objects close to the sun without taking the proper precautions. In particular, never point optical instruments near the sun and look through them, or you risk permanent eye damage or blindness.