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Location: Ostrava
(49.8330°N, 18.2830°E)
Time: 07:19:23

Solar Orbiter Flyby

On November 27 2021, the interplanetary probe Solar Orbiter will fly past the Earth. The Earth will give it a "gravity assist" and put it on a trajectory to reach Venus where it will receive a further assist. If you know where to look and live in the right part of the world, you will have a chance to see it through binoculars or a telescope.

Flyby data
Time of closest approachNov 27, 05:30:30
Distance of closest approach6,833 km
Speed at closest approach15.139 km/s
Speed at infinity (rel. to Earth)10.607 km/s

Flyby Overview

Ground Track

Position Table

Click on a table row to load a finder chart corresponding to that time, or alternatively, you can go straight to a finder chart for a time near closest approach by clicking here.

Time Distance (km) Brightness Altitude Azimuth Right ascension Declination Constellation Sun altitude
Nov 27, 03:30:3085,76214.0-23.6°107.6°14h 19.4m-28° 54'Hydra-35.8°
Nov 27, 03:40:3078,97413.8-21.9°109.5°14h 18.3m-28° 57'Hydra-34.2°
Nov 27, 03:50:3072,16413.6-20.3°111.5°14h 17.0m-29° 2'Hydra-32.6°
Nov 27, 04:00:3065,32713.4-18.6°113.6°14h 15.4m-29° 7'Hydra-31.0°
Nov 27, 04:10:3058,45813.1-16.9°115.7°14h 13.3m-29° 13'Hydra-29.4°
Nov 27, 04:20:3051,55112.8-15.2°117.9°14h 10.7m-29° 21'Hydra-27.8°
Nov 27, 04:30:3044,59612.5-13.4°120.4°14h 7.2m-29° 32'Hydra-26.2°
Nov 27, 04:40:3037,57812.0-11.6°123.1°14h 2.4m-29° 46'Hydra-24.6°
Nov 27, 04:50:3030,47611.5-9.6°126.3°13h 55.4m-30° 8'Centaurus-23.0°
Nov 27, 05:00:3023,25410.9-7.4°130.4°13h 44.0m-30° 44'Centaurus-21.4°
Nov 27, 05:10:3015,8559.9-4.7°136.7°13h 22.5m-31° 57'Centaurus-19.8°
Nov 27, 05:20:308,2458.2-1.3°151.4°12h 22.3m-35° 31'Centaurus-18.2°
Nov 27, 05:30:303,399--7.2°242.2°5h 16.8m-23° 15'Lepus-16.6°
Nov 27, 05:40:3010,271--17.5°301.1°1h 58.2m4° 56'Pisces-15.1°
Nov 27, 05:50:3017,8958.8-21.8°313.5°1h 19.0m7° 17'Pisces-13.5°
Nov 27, 06:00:3025,2259.6-24.3°320.2°1h 2.1m7° 46'Pisces-12.0°
Nov 27, 06:10:3032,36110.2-26.1°325.2°0h 52.5m7° 53'Pisces-10.5°
Nov 27, 06:20:3039,36610.6-27.5°329.5°0h 46.3m7° 55'Pisces-9.0°
Nov 27, 06:30:3046,27710.9-28.6°333.3°0h 41.9m7° 56'Pisces-7.5°
Nov 27, 06:40:3053,11811.3-29.5°336.9°0h 38.7m7° 55'Pisces-6.0°
Nov 27, 06:50:3059,90311.5-30.3°340.4°0h 36.2m7° 54'Pisces-4.6°
Nov 27, 07:00:3066,64111.8-30.9°343.7°0h 34.2m7° 53'Pisces-3.2°
Nov 27, 07:10:3073,34012.0-31.4°347.1°0h 32.6m7° 53'Pisces-1.8°
Nov 27, 07:20:3080,00512.2-31.7°350.3°0h 31.3m7° 52'Pisces-0.4°
Nov 27, 07:30:3086,64012.3-32.0°353.6°0h 30.1m7° 51'Pisces0.9°