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Juno Flyby

On October 9 2013, the interplanetary probe Juno will fly past the Earth on its way to Jupiter. The Earth will give Juno a "gravity assist" and put it on a trajectory to reach Jupiter in July 2016. If you know where to look and live in the right part of the world, you will have a chance to see it through binoculars or a telescope. Lucky observers who live in the extreme south-west of Africa (e.g. Cape Town) could even see it with the naked eye just before it enters the Earth's shadow.

You can use the two general charts below and the following table to get an idea of whether you will be able to see it or not.

Click on a table row to load a finder chart corresponding to that time, or alternatively, you can go straight to a finder chart for a time near closest approach by clicking here.

Flyby data
Time of closest approachOct 9, 19:21:25
Distance of closest approach559 km
Speed at closest approach14.903 km/s
Speed at infinity (rel. to Earth)10.389 km/s

Position Table (click on a row of the table to load a finder chart)

Time Distance (km) Brightness Altitude Azimuth Right ascension Declination Constellation Sun altitude
Oct 9, 18:00:0054,81313.116.5°247.1°14h 24.7m-21° 51'Libra-3.2°
Oct 9, 18:30:0035,67412.19.2°244.1°14h 24.4m-25° 31'Hydra-10.6°
Oct 9, 19:00:0015,97710.01.5°231.8°14h 20.9m-38° 6'Centaurus-18.1°
Oct 9, 19:30:009,644--20.3°89.4°4h 4.7m0° 33'Taurus-25.5°
Oct 9, 20:00:0029,82410.0-16.0°61.1°4h 26.1m27° 41'Taurus-33.0°
Oct 9, 20:30:0049,32211.1-10.6°56.4°4h 34.2m32° 53'Perseus-40.4°
Oct 9, 21:00:0068,40311.8-4.9°54.7°4h 37.9m35° 9'Perseus-47.8°
Oct 9, 21:30:0087,25212.40.8°53.6°4h 39.8m36° 25'Perseus-55.2°
Oct 9, 22:00:00105,96012.86.6°52.4°4h 40.8m37° 15'Perseus-62.5°
Oct 9, 22:30:00124,58213.212.3°51.1°4h 41.3m37° 49'Perseus-69.7°
Oct 9, 23:00:00143,15513.518.0°49.4°4h 41.5m38° 14'Perseus-76.5°
Oct 9, 23:30:00161,70513.723.5°47.2°4h 41.4m38° 33'Perseus-82.1°
Oct 10, 00:00:00180,25514.028.8°44.3°4h 41.2m38° 47'Perseus-82.6°
Oct 10, 00:30:00198,82114.233.9°40.7°4h 40.9m38° 58'Perseus-77.4°
Oct 10, 01:00:00217,41914.438.5°36.2°4h 40.6m39° 6'Perseus-70.6°
Oct 10, 01:30:00236,06014.542.7°30.7°4h 40.2m39° 12'Perseus-63.5°
Oct 10, 02:00:00254,75414.746.1°24.0°4h 39.8m39° 16'Perseus-56.2°
Oct 10, 02:30:00273,50914.948.7°16.2°4h 39.5m39° 19'Perseus-48.8°
Oct 10, 03:00:00292,32915.050.2°7.4°4h 39.1m39° 21'Perseus-41.4°
Oct 10, 03:30:00311,22015.150.6°358.2°4h 38.8m39° 22'Perseus-34.0°
Oct 10, 04:00:00330,18315.349.7°349.1°4h 38.5m39° 22'Perseus-26.6°
Oct 10, 04:30:00349,21915.447.8°340.8°4h 38.3m39° 21'Perseus-19.1°
Oct 10, 05:00:00368,32515.544.8°333.4°4h 38.1m39° 20'Perseus-11.7°
Oct 10, 05:30:00387,50015.641.1°327.3°4h 38.0m39° 18'Perseus-4.2°
Oct 10, 06:00:00406,73915.736.8°322.3°4h 37.9m39° 16'Perseus3.2°