Please enter the name of your town or village. You can use "wildcard" characters to match several towns if you're not sure of the exact name. These characters are '*' which means "match any sequence of characters", and '?' which means "match any single character". The search is not case-sensitive.

Please don't append the name of your state or its abbreviation (e.g. NOT Pittsburgh PA). Just enter the name of the town without the region and all towns with the same name in your country will be found, and listed together with their region or state.

Diacritic characters, such as ü and Ä can either be entered directly from the keyboard (assuming you have the appropriate keyboard), or simply enter the letter without diacritic (e.g. you can enter 'a' for 'ä', 'à', 'á', 'â', 'ã' and 'å'). If you need a special character which is not on your keyboard, and is not a diacritic (e.g. the german 'ß', and scandinavian 'æ'), simply enter a "?" instead, and all characers will be matched.

Here are a few examples;

Search String Finds
Lon* London, Londonderry, Longford etc.
*springs Palm Springs, Alice Springs etc.
a?c aac, abc, acc, adc etc., but NOT Aachen
Munchen Munchen, München

Please try to be as specific as possible. Entering "A*" as a search string will find hundreds or thousands of places in all but the smallest countries. To safeguard against such requests, we have set a limit of 200 on the number of towns returned, so you might not see your town because the list is truncated.