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Location: Observatoire de La Sitelle
(46.0500°N, 74.2167°W)
Time: 23:24:18

Spacecraft escaping the Solar System

This page shows the current positions and other interesting data of the five spacecraft which are leaving the Solar System on escape trajectories - our first emissaries to the stars. On this scale, the nearest star to the Sun would be approximately 100 meters away, and it would take Voyager 1 about 70,000 years to cover that distance.

View from 90° above ecliptic plane
View from 10° above ecliptic plane

Pioneer 10Pioneer 11Voyager 2Voyager 1New Horizons
Distance from Sun (AU)121.03299.820117.521142.15141.446
Speed relative to Sun (km/s)11.95411.25415.34716.98114.137
Speed relative to Sun (AU/year)2.5222.3743.2373.5822.982
Ecliptic latitude14°-36°35°
Declination25° 55'-8° 41'-57° 53'12° 26'-20° 24'
Right ascension5h 10m18h 51m20h 3m17h 14m19h 12m
Distance from Earth (AU)121.98899.103116.994141.35740.751
One-way light time (hours)16.9113.7416.2219.595.65
Brightness of Sun from spacecraft (Magnitude)-16.3-16.7-16.3-15.9-18.6
Spacecraft still functioning?nonoyesyesyes
Launch date1972-Mar-031973-Apr-061977-Aug-201977-Sep-052006-Jan-19