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Location: Newark
(61.1667°N, 29.8833°E)
Time: 11:15:49

Dynamic display of all objects from the recent Starlink launch

Use the mouse to change the viewpoint by dragging, use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

This is a provisional display of two placeholder objects rom the recent Starlink launch, which should correspond approximately to the leading and trailing object. They are base on orbital elements published by amateur observers Marco Langbroek and Cees Bassa. We will update the display to show all the objects once they are cataloged and published by Space-Track. However, the display should give observers who want to get an early look at the satellites while they are still bunched together at least a rough idea of when to start looking. Several observers have already reported seeing this "string of pearls"

Use these links to get predictions of the leading and trailing placeholder objects for your location.

Leader | Trailer