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Location: Laguna de la Cañada del Gallo
(40.3974°N, 5.2096°W)
Time: 17:13:08

Comet 13P Olbers

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Coarse finder chart
(Field of view: 60°, Max. star mag.: 5)
Fine finder chart
(Field of view: 10°, Max. star mag.: 8)
View from 90° above ecliptic plane
View from above comet orbital plane
Right ascension9h 54.2m
Declination40° 33'
ConstellationLeo Minor
Distance from Earth1.898 AU
Last observed magnitude6.8
Date of last reported observation2024-Jul-14
Azimuth283° (WNW)
Angular separation from Sun34.1°
Ecliptic latitude44.0°
Comet observations courtesy of COBS
Distance from Sun1.200 AU
Perihelion1.175 AU
Aphelion32.522 AU
Period69.2 years
Inclination to ecliptic44.7°
Speed relative to Sun37.768 km/s

Never attempt to observe objects close to the sun without taking the proper precautions. In particular, never point optical instruments near the sun and look through them, or you risk permanent eye damage or blindness.