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Location: Sunny Point
(33.0946°N, 85.0574°W)
Time: 21:20:33



Sky chart of the constellation

Abbreviation Boo
Genitive Boötis
Area 907 square degrees (Rank 13)
A little mythology

Brightest stars

DesignationNameApparent magnitudeRight ascensionDeclinationSpectral type
α BooArcturus-0.0514h 16m19° 11'K2IIIp
ε BooIzar2.3514h 45m27° 4'A0
η BooMuphrid2.6813h 55m18° 24'G0IV
γ BooSeginus3.0414h 32m38° 18'A7IIIvar
δ Boo 3.4615h 16m33° 19'G8III
β BooNekkar3.4915h 2m40° 23'G8III
ρ Boo 3.5714h 32m30° 22'K3III
ζ Boo 3.7814h 41m13° 44'A3IVn
θ Boo 4.0414h 25m51° 51'F7V
υ Boo 4.0513h 49m15° 48'K5IIIvar
λ Boo 4.1814h 16m46° 5'A0sh
μ1 BooAlkalurops4.3115h 24m37° 23'F0V
σ Boo 4.4714h 35m29° 45'F3Vwvar
π1 Boo 4.4914h 41m16° 25'B9p MnHg
τ Boo 4.5013h 47m17° 27'F7V