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Location: Luxembourg
(49.6117°N, 6.1300°E)
Time: 21:27:04



Sky chart of the constellation

Abbreviation Peg
Genitive Pegasi
Area 1121 square degrees (Rank 7)
A little mythology

Brightest stars

DesignationNameApparent magnitudeRight ascensionDeclinationSpectral type
ε PegEnif2.3821h 44m9° 53'K2Ibvar
β PegScheat2.4423h 4m28° 5'M2II-IIIvar
α PegMarkab2.4923h 5m15° 12'B9.5III
γ PegAlgenib2.830h 13m15° 11'B2IV
η PegMatar2.9322h 43m30° 13'G2II-III..
ζ PegHomam3.4122h 41m10° 50'B8.5V
μ PegSadalbari3.5122h 50m24° 36'M2III
θ PegBiham3.5222h 10m6° 12'A2V
ι Peg 3.7722h 7m25° 21'F5V
λ Peg 3.9722h 47m23° 34'G8II-III
1 Peg 4.0821h 22m19° 48'K1III
κ Peg 4.1421h 45m25° 39'F5IV
ξ Peg 4.2022h 47m12° 10'F7V
π2 Peg 4.2822h 10m33° 11'F5III
9 Peg 4.3421h 45m17° 21'G5Ib
υ Peg 4.4223h 25m23° 24'F8IV