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Location: Ab? ar R?sh Ba?r?
(24.1861°N, 32.8847°E)
Time: 03:16:07



Sky chart of the constellation

Abbreviation Tau
Genitive Tauri
Area 797 square degrees (Rank 17)
A little mythology

Brightest stars

DesignationNameApparent magnitudeRight ascensionDeclinationSpectral type
α TauAldebaran0.874h 36m16° 31'K5III
β TauElnath1.655h 26m28° 36'B7III
η TauAlcyone2.853h 47m24° 6'B7III
ζ Tau 2.975h 38m21° 9'B4IIIp
θ2 Tau 3.404h 29m15° 52'A7III
λ Tau 3.414h 1m12° 29'B3V + A
ε TauAin3.534h 29m19° 11'K0III
ο Tau 3.613h 25m9° 2'G8III
27 TauAtlas3.623h 49m24° 3'B8III
γ Tau 3.654h 20m15° 38'G8III
17 TauElectra3.723h 45m24° 7'B6III
ξ Tau 3.733h 27m9° 44'B9Vn
δ1 Tau 3.774h 23m17° 33'G8III
θ1 Tau 3.844h 29m15° 58'G7III
20 TauMaia3.873h 46m24° 22'B8III
ν Tau 3.914h 3m5° 59'A1V
23 TauMerope4.143h 46m23° 57'B6IV
5 Tau 4.143h 31m12° 56'K0II-III...
κ1 Tau 4.214h 25m22° 18'A7IV-V
88 Tau 4.254h 36m10° 10'A5m
90 Tau 4.274h 38m12° 31'A6V
τ Tau 4.274h 42m22° 57'B3V
μ Tau 4.274h 16m8° 54'B3IV
υ Tau 4.284h 26m22° 49'A8Vn
10 Tau 4.293h 37m0° 24'F9V
19 TauTaygeta4.303h 45m24° 28'B6V
δ3 Tau 4.304h 25m17° 56'A2IV
119 Tau 4.325h 32m18° 36'M2Ib
37 Tau 4.364h 5m22° 5'K0III
71 Tau 4.484h 26m15° 37'F0V...