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Sky chart of the constellation

Abbreviation Her
Genitive Herculis
Area 1225 square degrees (Rank 5)
A little mythology

Brightest stars

DesignationNameApparent magnitudeRight ascensionDeclinationSpectral type
β HerKornephoros2.7816h 30m21° 29'G8III
α1 HerRasalgethi2.7817h 15m14° 23'M5IIvar
ζ Her 2.8116h 41m31° 36'F9IV
δ HerSarin3.1217h 15m24° 50'A3IVv SB
π Her 3.1617h 15m36° 49'K3IIvar
μ Her 3.4217h 46m27° 43'G5IV
η Her 3.4816h 43m38° 55'G8III-IV
ξ Her 3.7017h 58m29° 15'K0III
γ Her 3.7416h 22m19° 9'A9III
ι Her 3.8217h 39m46° 0'B3V SB
ο Her 3.8418h 8m28° 46'B9.5V
109 Her 3.8518h 24m21° 46'K2III
θ Her 3.8617h 56m37° 15'K1IIvar
τ Her 3.9116h 20m46° 19'B5IV
ε Her 3.9217h 0m30° 56'A0V
ρ Her 4.1517h 24m37° 9'B9.5III
110 Her 4.1918h 46m20° 33'F6V
σ Her 4.2016h 34m42° 26'B9Vvar
φ Her 4.2316h 9m44° 56'B9MNp...
95 Her 4.2618h 2m21° 36'G5
111 Her 4.3418h 47m18° 11'A5III
102 Her 4.3718h 9m20° 49'B2IV
λ HerMaasym4.4117h 31m26° 7'K3IIIvar
ν Her 4.4117h 59m30° 11'F2II