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Links to other Space/Astronomy Sites

Observing Satellites
Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page General information on observing visible satellites

Information on Satellites
The following sites offer information about the satellites themselves, such as their purpose, mass, dimensions etc.

Jonathan's Space Report Issued about once a week, it provides information on all recently launched satellites.
Mark Wade's Encyclodedia Astronautica Information on most satellites in Earth orbit and beyond
NASA Human Spaceflight Pages Information on the ISS and Space Shuttle missions
JPL's Basics of Space Flight An online training module to help you grasp some of the concepts of deep space missions.

Sources of Satellite Orbital Elements

Space-Track Run by the US Department of Defense, responsible for making unclassified orbital elements available to the public. This organisation has taken over the task from the OIG which was run by NASA. You will need to get an account to access the data.
Mike McCants' Elements A good page containing elements of satellites organised by category, and stored in ZIPped files for easy downloading. Also contains elements for classified satellites, and a single large file with the most recent elements of most satellites.
Celestrak WWW Historical data for a selection of satellites

Space Agencies

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
DLR The German Aerospace Research Center
ESA The European Space Agency
UKSA The UK Space Agency
CNES The French Space Agency
ASI The Italian Space Agency
JAXA The Japanese Space Agency
IKI Russian Space Research Institute
CSA Canadian Space Agency
ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation

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