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Early Ammonia Servicer - Satellite Information

Spacetrack catalog number 31928
COSPAR ID 1998-067-BA
Name in Spacetrack catalog ISS DEB (EAS)

Satellite Details

Orbit decayed November 3, 2008
Category unknown
Country/organisation of origin United States, Russia, ESA, Japan, Canada


Date (UTC) 20 November 1998 06:40
Launch siteBaikonur Cosmodrome,
Launch vehicle Proton-K


The Early Ammonia Servicer (EAS) was jettisoned from the International Space Station by astronaut Clay Anderson, Expedition 15 flight engineer, during an extravehicular activity (EVA). The EAS was installed on the P6 truss during STS-105 in August 2001, as an ammonia reservoir if a leak had occurred. It was never used, and was no longer needed after the permanent cooling system was activated last December.