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Hubble Space Telescope - Satellite Information

Spacetrack catalog number 20580
COSPAR ID 1990-037-B
Name in Spacetrack catalog HST

Satellite Details

Orbit 536 x 540 km, 28.5°
Category Astronomy
Country/organisation of origin United States
Mass 11,000 kg
Dimensions 13.1 metres long
Intrinsic brightness (Magnitude) 2.2 (at 1000km distance, 50% illuminated)
Maximum brightness (Magnitude)-0.5 (at perigee, 100% illuminated)


Date (UTC) 24 April 1990 12:33
Launch siteKennedy Space Center (KSC),
United States
Launch vehicle Space Shuttle


The HST was deployed from the Space Shuttle on mission STS-31. It is an Earth orbiting astronomical telescope for observing the heavens from above the interface and turbulence of the earth's atmosphere. It carries 6 scientific instruments for observing ultra violet,visible and near infra-red parts of the spectrum
View from orbit pole