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Location: Betra
(48.4113°N, 8.6634°E)
Time: 09:05:51

MSX - Satellite Information

Spacetrack catalog number 23851
COSPAR ID 1996-024-A
Name in Spacetrack catalog MSX

Satellite Details

Orbit 894 x 905 km, 99.0°
Category unknown
Country/organisation of origin United States
Intrinsic brightness (Magnitude) 4.2 (at 1000km distance, 50% illuminated)
Maximum brightness (Magnitude)3.7 (at perigee, 100% illuminated)


Date (UTC) 24 April 1996 12:27
Launch siteVandenberg Space Force Base,
United States
Launch vehicle Delta 7920-10


MSX was equipped with a cooled infra-red sensor to detect and track missile test warheads. Since the coolant evaporated, the other sensors onboard are now being used to locate space debris that has been lost by ground based radar.
View from orbit pole