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Location: Via Auriletto, 13, 10098 Rivoli TO, Italia
(45.0746°N, 7.5214°E)
Time: 16:22:42

LilacSat-2 - Satellite Information

Spacetrack catalog number 40908
COSPAR ID 2015-049-K
Name in Spacetrack catalog LILACSAT 2

Amateur radio information

Downlink:437.180 - 437.220 MHz
Uplink:144.3425 - 144.3825 MHz

LilacSat-2 is scheduled to switch on the FM transponder for 24 hours at about 2200 UT each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Satellite Details

Orbit 512 x 533 km, 97.5°
Category Amateur radio
Country/organisation of origin China
Intrinsic brightness (Magnitude) ?


Date (UTC) 19 September 2015 23:01
Launch siteTaiyuan Space Launch Center,
Launch vehicle Long March 6
View from orbit pole